Global Powerlifting Alliance
World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships
November 29-December 2, 2012
Villa Maria, Argentina


Some of the world’s strongest athletes from all over South America, and as far away as the USA, Finland, and Australia converged on the small city of Villa Maria, Argentina putting the international spotlight on the new and spacious Amerian Park Hotel Convention Center.  It seems as the new building was built especially for GPA Powerlifting.  The spacious warm up area was separated from the competition platform by a special wall frame with a large banner of the competition.   The competition platform was set up to provide excellent viewing by the spectators with over flowing crowds from the surrounding area each day.           

Leornado Cavaglia and Mauro Spinardi are to be congratulated for the excellent job they did in organizing and promoting this great event.  It ranks among the best in professionalism. Courteous and professional translators were provided to bridge the language barrier.  The judging was very good and fair along GPA standards with a judge from different countries at each session.

I can’t begin to say enough about the spotter loaders.  They were very strong and alert at all times protecting the competitors.  The expediters working at the scoring table kept the contest running smoothly.  They all did a great job working long hours over a 4 day event.

The Amerian Park Hotel is new and beautiful.  The staff was courteous and efficient and the restaurant was excellent.   The city of Villa Maria is beautiful in its own right.  This time of year it is summer there and the trees and shrubbery were all in bloom.  The shops and restaurants enjoy a very good business.  I am sure there is a special thanks to Leonardo Cavaglia and Mauro Spinardi for the positive economic impact caused by this world event.

So we say goodbye to beautiful Villa Maria and look forward to Finland.  The GPA Banner was passed to Finland where it will remain in Nantalli, Finland until the conclusion of the Global Powerlifting Alliance World Championships in 2013 at which time it will passed to Australia for 2014.

Jussi Matilla, his Finland team, and the GPA extend a special invitation to all of you to join us in Nantalli, Finland in 2013.

L B Baker
President, Global Powerlifting Alliance