Global Powerlifting Alliance




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Meeting began at 7:45 PM


Old Business:


A Raw Plus division was trialed at the 2014 GPA World Championships in Sydney, Australia.  We will continue it in competitions and add the Raw Plus category as a new division. An email will be sent out to all affiliate GPA presidents with options for classifications, rules, and maintaining current records. A vote will be taken from that email regarding rules and records.


Motion:  LB Baker

Second:  Andy Williamson

Ayes have it.


New Business:


1.       Eliminate requirement for long socks being used during the Dead Lift competition.


Motion:  LB Baker

Second: Andy Williamson

Ayes have it.


2.      Many more women are competing in the GPA. Add new weight categories, 100K and 100(+)K to accommodate women over 90 kilograms. (This addition will eliminate the 90(+)K weight category.)


Motion:  LB Baker

Second:  Andy Williamson

Ayes have it.


3.      Add a drug tested division (GPAD) be added to the GPA.


Motion: LB Baker

Not enough interest for discussion. No vote.


4.      Add a new weight bar option be added for bench only competition with specifications identical to the Texas Power Bar.


Motion:  Ange Galati

Second:  Andy Williamson

No votes. Did not pass.


Bids are officially open for hosting the 2016 GPA World Powerlifting Championships.  Please contact GPA President, LB Baker, with proposals.


Motion to adjourn:  LB Baker

Second:  Andy Williamson

Ayes have it.


Meeting ended at 8:30 PM



Minutes by GPA Secretary, Dana Tripp