Global Powerlifting Alliance, Inc.
P O Box 40
Bogart, Ga. 30622

“GPA Certified Powerlifting Trainer”



City, State, Zip code, Country___________________________________________________________


Date of birth________________________________________________________________________

Telephone number___________________________________________________________________


1.   Years as a powerlifting competitor_____Years as a GPA   competitor_____A minimum of five (5) years as a competitor is required, GPA or other federations.

2.   Years as a powerlifting coach or trainer in any federation._____

3.   If less than five (5) years as a GPA competitor attach a letter of recommendation from an experienced GPA powerlifter.

4.   In your own words, attach a written essay on a separate page describing the rules of performance in the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

5.   Submit this application along with the non refundable fee of $100.00 to the Global Powerlifting Alliance, Inc., P O Box 40, Bogart, Ga. 30622 USA.

Release From Liability. Read this carefully:

       In signing this release from liability I waive and release L B Baker, Svetlana Baker, IronDawg Power, Inc. and all its subsidiaries, the American Powerlifitng Committee, Inc., the Global Powerlifting Alliance, Inc., the Internatonal Powerlifting Organization, all Officials, Referees, Spotter/Loaders and any other person or firm taking part in any APC/GPA/IPO competition or training system designed by any "GPA Certified Powerlifitng Trainer"  certified person from any and all liability which may arise from this Certitication   I understand that I am legally bound for not only myself but also for my heirs, my executors, and my administrators.  I understand all of the above for my acceptance of my entry in this organization. By signing this document I affirm that all the information on this form is correct.

Applicant must be at least 21 years of age.

Signature________________________________________________________-                           Date______________________________________