Certified Powerlifitng Trainer


GPA Certified Powerlifting Trainer

The Global Powerlifting Alliance, Inc. is now offering the certification of “Certified Powerlifting Trainer”.  There are many definitions of powerlifting today and many methods of training.  The definition of a “Powerlifter” by the GPA is:  one who competes in a GPA sanctioned powerlifting meet and performs the 3 powerlifts according to the rules of the GPA without the use of supportive equipment.  A “Certified Powerlifting Trainer” is one who can train a powerlifter  for such a competition and coach him/her through the competition.

The GPA recognizes the 3 powerlifts:
1.    Squat
2.    Bench Press

3.    Deadlift

1.  A minimum of 5 years verifiable experience in powerlifting competition as a competitor.

2.   Complete a GPA Powerlifting Certified Trainer application.
3.   Produce a letter of recommendation from an experienced powerlifter, or have 5 years verifiable experience competing In the GPA.
4.  Complete a written examination and other requirements as needed.
5.   Pay a fee of $50.00.


Certified Powerlifting Trainer Application

Certified Powerlifting Trainer Certificate

Certified GPA Powerlifting Trainers

Name Date Country
L B Baker July 5, 2014 USA
Svetlana Baker July 5, 2014 USA
Miklos Mihajlovic July 19. 2014 Serbia
Anthony Williamson August 8, 2014 USA
Andreas Kolettis October 1, 2014 Greece
Zurab Tavartqiladze November 12, 2014 Georgia
Yin Chenghao March 11, 2015 China
Tryfinopoulos Konstantinos March 13,2015 Greece
Boris Presecki July 9, 2015 Croatia
Vedran Presecki July 9, 2015 Croatia
Robert Krusic August 19, 2015 Croatia
Erni Gregorcic February 3, 2016 Slovenia
Zeljko Nemet March 4, 2016 Serbia
Yaroslav Trubichkin March 7, 2016 Russia
Martin Rotar February 16, 2017 Slovenia
Katsigiannis Spyridon July 5, 2017 Greece
Liouras Athanasios July 5, 2017 Greece
Alexopoulos Konstantinos July 5, 2017 Greece