IronDawg International Cup
Bench Press-Deadlift-Pushpull
February 24, 2018

Titanz Fitness of Northeast Georgia
280 Banks Crossing Drive
Commerce, Ga. 30529 - 770-369-4691
L B Baker 770-713-3080


Bench Press Raw and Equipped. 
IPO single ply.
IPO multi-ply
IPO soft bench press (slingshot).
GPA Raw bench press.
Lifter with the heaviest bench press of the day will receive a 25kg, 8 feet Texas Bench Press Bar. The heaviest bench press will be determined by the APC equipped/raw formula.

GPA Raw Deadlift.
Lifter with the heaviest deadlift will receive a Texas Deadlift Bar, no formula.

GPA Raw Push Pull
Individual and Team competition. Winning team will receive a Texas Power Bar.   


Medals for 3 places in all divisions.
Best lifter trophies for all divisions where at least 3 lifters are pre-registered.

State, National, and World Records can be made.