GPA/IPO President

__________ Baker LB


President of GPA/IPO Russia

_________ Novikov  S.V.


«Russian Powerlifting Union»

regional representative

in Saint Petersburg

___________ Smirnov О.А.


Competition Rules

Open European Championship in powerlifting,

His single lifts, “folk” bench press and powersport

By versions GPA/IPO and «Russia Powerlifting Union»

1. Objectives and Rationale:

-identify the strongest athletes in the Europe and Russia, and the assignment of sports categories and titles up to the Elite of Russia by “Russia Powerlifting Union” (RPU);

-fixing Russian, European and world records by versions of federations RPU and GPA/IPO;

-rallying sportsmen from different countries and training of the teamwork feeling;

-promotion of power sports, both popular and spectacular sports among the Europe's population;

-identify of the strongest teams of the participating countries;

-formation of the prestigious sports and, in a result, formation of the prestigious a healthy lifestyle;

2. Management of Championship.

Broad guide will be taken by sport federation “Russian powerlifting Union” representing the interests of  Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) and International Powerlifting Organization (IPO) in Russia led by RPU president Dluzhnevskii Sergei Sergeevich, president of  GPA/IPO Russia Novikov Stepan Viktorovic and RPU regional representative  in Saint Petersburg Smirnov Oleg Aleksandrovich.

3. Dates and venue.

The Championship will be held 09-10June2018in Russia, Saint Petersburg.

Venue: will be published soon in official Championship website -http://eu-powerlifting.ru/.

Schedule of weighing and lifts will be made on the basis of preliminary applications and will be available from May 22, 2018 on the official English website of the Championship: http://eu-powerlifting.ru/.

4. Regulation, referees and drug test.

Championship will be held on the GPA/IPO and RPU technical rules. Read them in English on website:http://www.globalpowerliftingalliance.com/gpa%20rules%20english.html,RPU technical rules: http://russia-powerlifting.ru/documenty/tehnicheskie-pravila.

The top 10% pass drug-test from drug tested division necessarily have to pass drug test. More information about this can be seen in item 10.

The Championship will be held in RAW, Multi Ply and Single Ply equipment:

Powerlifting: raw, raw with the knee wraps, single and multi ply.

Push Pull: raw and equipment.

Squat: raw, raw with the knee wraps, single and multi ply.

Bench press: raw, slingshot (by RPU), single and multi ply.

Bench press among athletes with the physical features: raw. (by RPU)

Deadlift: raw and equipment.

Folk Bench press: raw. (by RPU)

Powersport: raw. (by RPU)

Allowed to duplicate the successful attempt of powerlifting in to push pull, bench press and deadlift!

Allowed only certificated referees by GPA/IPO and "Russian Powerlifting Union". Every team can provide its own referee. The referee has to wear corresponding suit (white shirt, dark trousers) and corresponding category of referee.

Organizers: GPA/IPO Russia president Novikov Stepan Viktorovich and RPU regional representative in Saint Petersburg Smirnov Oleg Aleksandrovich.

The Main referee and the Chairman of Jury of Appeal: Dluzhnevskaya Elvira (international referee category).

The Main Secretary: Novikov Stepan (international referee category).

5. Participants.

Sportsmen, from any region of the world, older than 13 years old are allowed to take part in competitions. Participants under 13 years are allowed before the competition after personal consideration of the athlete's candidature by the organizers of the competition.

Every sportsmen has to consult with his doctor before taking part in competitions. All athletes perform at their own risk, realizing that they could be seriously injured. Organizers are not responsible for health of the sportsmen, as well as risks associated with the trauma.

Equipment and uniforms of athletes must comply with the rules of the GPA/IPO and RPU federations. Athletes who do not perform the requirements on equipment and uniforms are not allowed to the platform.

6. Personal rewarding.

Athletes, who take first three places in age and weight class, get the exclusive medals and diplomas.

Absolute rewarding occurs to be in open age class (24-39), teenagers (13-19), juniors (20-23) and masters (over 40) and is calculated by Reshel or Glossbrener formulas if there are 7 or more participants in any age class.

Winners and awardees of absolute category get exclusive diplomas, medals or cups, valuable or material prizes if any sponsor help is occurred.

All awardees or their representatives have to be on awarding ceremony. In other way giving the prizes are not guaranteed.

7. Team organization and application rule.

To apply the team the captains have to send a general application form before May 19, 2018 to e-mail: sprgpaipo@gmail.com.

It is impossible to change something after the May 19.

Regardless of whether an athlete performs in the individual competition or for the team, for each separately athletes must be submitted online application on the official website of the Championship: http://eu-powerlifting.ru/.

In the "Command" column indicates the name of a command, or written "Personally."

8.Team rewarding.

Awarding teams will take place among the countries -participants of the meet according to the international rules of counting the team classification GPA/IPO described in the technical rules.

And also a small team competition among the national teams of the constituent entities of the Europe. The athletes of the team must be from one subject of the Europe -the central city and its region, territory, republic, autonomous region or autonomous district.

The number of members in one team is unlimited, but not less than 15 persons. Team points are

calculated by best 15 participants. For each age class every 1st place gives a team 12 points, 2nd place –9 points, 3rd place –8 points, 4th place –7 points, 5th place –6 points, 6th place –5 points and so on. 10th place and every next gives a team 1 point. If a sportsman shows Elite of Russia results –24 points, the International Master’s result –18 points, Master’s result –12 points.

Teams who winner gets cups and diplomas and any valuable or material prizes if any sponsor help is occurred.

9. Applications forms and payments.

Preliminary applications are NECESSARY.

Application forms are accepted before the May 19, 2018 (incl.) via online registration form on the official website of Championship: http://eu-powerlifting.ru/.

For single action entry fee is 3 500 RUR / 61 USD.

For double action entry fee is 6 000 RUR / 105 USD.

If athlete wants extra there are three nominations or more, then he must pay in addition on 1500 RUR / 26 USD for one nomination.

Entry fee for teenagers 13-15 y.o. and veterans over 60 y.o. is 3250 RUR / 57 USD for single action and 5750 RUR / 100 USD for double. If athlete wants extra there are three nominations or more, then he must pay in addition on 1500 RUR / 26 USD for one nomination.

For the drug tested division entry fee is the same plus 850 RUR / 15 USD for selective drug test.

For athletes over 70 years old and under 13 y. o. for sportsmen with physical specialties with 1st or 2nd disability form application is free if they take a part in one nomination. For athletes with physical specialties with 3rd disability form entry fee is discounted on 50% if the take a part in one nomination.

The athletes pay the entrance fee at the time of the weigh-in.

10. Doping control.

Within 30 minutes after the performance in the division with the passage doping control of each athlete is obliged to wait for the announcement of the list of the top 10% pass drug-test participants who called for the surrender of mandatory doping tests. Letting bio sample is made in the presence of doping officer federation RPU and / or an invited observer, with constant visual inspection in accordance with the "Anti-Doping Rules", adopted by the sport federation RPU. To view this document, as well as a list of banned drugs you can the official website of the Federation: https://russia-powerlifting.ru/doping-kontrol.

If a sportsman hasn't been mentioned in 10% list, but he wants to get in a category he should pay for drug test 8500 RUR / 150 USD.

Causes for disqualification:

Evading Sample collection, or without compelling justification refusing or failing to submit to Sample collection after notification as authorized in these Anti-Doping Rules or other applicable anti-doping rules.

11. Registration of classification standards.

To get an Elite of Russia, International Master or Master category in RPU federation special online form on official web site of federation needs to be sent: http://russia-powerlifting.ru/zayavka-na-razryad-zvanie.

It is also possible to arrange sports category Candidate for Master of Sports (inclusive) at the tournament, after the awards ceremony. To do this you should have a photo a size of 3 to 4 centimeters, and organizer of championship or a regional representative will give student's normative-book classification athlete Federation RPU.

The title of Master of Sports, world-class athlete and Elite of Russia of division the test on the use of illicit funds appropriated under mandatory doping control and receipt from the laboratory of the negative response to the content of banned drugs. If sportsman hasn't been mentioned in 10% list, but he wants to get in a category he should pay for drug test 8500 RUR / 150 USD.

RPU classification standards: http://russia-powerlifting.ru/documenty/normativy.

12. Registration of National, European and world Records.

By the results of this Championship National, European and world records of RPU and GPA/IPO federation will be fixed.

To get the records certificate special online form on official website needs to be sent: http://russiapowerlifting.ru/zayavka-na-sertifikat.

Athletes must know RPU records before competition: https://russia-powerlifting.ru/documenty/rekordy.

13. RPU membership.

All competitors must be current members of the RPU sport federation at the moment a weighing procedure. The annual membership fee Federation RPU -850 RUR / 15 USD.

Contribution valid for one year from the date of payment, and recorded in the database RPU federation athletes.

14. The contract for participation in the competition.

Passing weighing procedure and registration, each athlete is required to sign the reverse side of the registration card. The fact of signing this card is the conclusion of an Agreement on the participation in the competition between the athlete and the organizers.

By signing the card, the athlete agrees with the clauses of this competition rule, as well as with all the points of technical regulations RPU Federation and all of its decisions taken before the start of the competition and published on the official website.

Also, the athlete expressly agrees to the following conditions:

Taking part in the competition, the athlete recognizes that it will require a maximum of physical and psychological stress, which entails a risk of injury or mutilation.

Athlete assumes all risks associated with it, and bears full responsibility for any injury and mutilation, about which he known or not, that he can get.

The athlete is realizing that he is responsible for the control of his health before taking part in the competition, thus confirming conducting regular medical check-up, and the absence of medical

contraindications for participation in competitions, respectively, his full physical fitness and voluntarily insured his life and health on the period of participation in competition.

Taking part in the competition, the athlete knowingly waives any claims in the event of injury or mutilation in this tournament, against RPU Federation, the tournament organizers, the owner of the premises, directors, officers, employees, assistants on the platform and all operating personnel of competition.

Athlete voluntarily pays for all charitable contributions intended to repay the costs of the tournament, the production of awards merchandise and other expenses related to the sporting events. Personal competitor data to be processed in compliance with the requirements of the Law 152-FZ "On personal data".

Athlete acquainted with this competition rule and fully understand its contents.

Athlete voluntarily agrees to accept all of the above paragraph of this provision these conditions and thus confirms this by signing a registration card in the presence of the Secretariat on registration and weighing procedure.

15. Backing.

The costs to organize a championship takes on bureau of RPU federations, using funds attracted sponsors and entry fees of participants.

The costs of accommodation and meals of participants and their coaches are the responsibility of the sending organizations or athletes.

16. Contact detail.

Novikov Stepan–organizer, +7 (911) 514-7774

Contact email: novikov@russia-powerlifting.ru

Smirnov Oleg–organizer+7 (953) 147-84-07

Contact email: sprgpaipo@gmail.com

RPU official website: http://russia-powerlifting.ru

GPA/IPO Europe Championship official website: http://eu-powerlifting.ru/

The present regulation is an offical call on the competition.